Vendetta NITRO
Cockroach Gel Bait

A New Era Of Cockroach Control Contains NyGUARD IGR

Also known as XROACH in Malaysia

The dual mode of action makes Vendetta NITRO an ideal tool for use in resistance management programs, especially where previous control efforts have relied on single mode of action bait.

Most baits operate on the 'attract and kill' basis, but Vendetta NITRO offers a new paradigm for pest control operators, with its unique triple action;

  • Highly Attractive

An exceptionally palatable and attractive bait matrix ensuring optimal feeding.

  • Fast Action

Clothianidin, a high-potency, non-repellent insecticide which delivers fast kill of cockroaches.

  • Extended Control

Pyriproxyfen is a most effective insect growth regulator (IGR), preventing development to adult stages and sterility in adult females – suppressing the cockroach population and inhibiting a classic re-invasion scenario.

Fast Action

Clothianidin delivers a quick kill to cockroaches and benefits from very low mammalian toxicity.

Fast insecticidal action, with over 50% of the cockroach population either dead or moribund only one hour after bait introduction and 85% after just four hours.

Vendetta NITRO Chart

Extended Control - The IGR Effect

Insect Growth Regulators {IGRs) are ideal for use against insects like cockroaches that are notorious for developing insecticide resistance. When baiting for cockroaches, incorporate an IGR like NyGuard Insect Growth Regulator into your program and apply near or into suspected harbourage areas, behind appliances, under sinks and cabinets, etc. The IGR will interrupt the life cycle of cockroaches, resulting in enhanced control. While customers may see adult cockroaches that look abnormal (twisted wings) following treatment, these insects will be incapable of reproducing.

Vendetta NITRO Key Insects Controlled

Method of Application

Applications Rates

Vendetta NITRO should be applied as a number of spots of approximately 4mm diameter, each spot comprising approximately 0.032g of bait.
In cases of severe infestation, where larger cockroaches are present, in areas that are particularly dirty or cluttered or where alternative sources of food cannot be entirely eliminated, the higher application rate should be used.

Infestation Level Recommended Application Rate
(Number Of 4mm Diameter Spots
(Approximately 0.032g Of Bait) Per m2)
Maintenance 1-2
Light 3-6
Heavy 6-10

Vendetta NITRO adheres easily onto non-greasy and dust-free surfaces, remaining highly palatable to cockroach for many months.

Application Size Guide

  • 4mm diameter

Baiting Tips

  • Place Bait Close to Harborage Sites
  • Reduce Competing Food Sources
  • Place Sufficient Bait
  • Think 3-Dimensionally
  • Practice Bait Rotation
Vendetta NITRO Key Harborage Sites

Target Pests

  • Spot treatments
  • Crack and crevice treatments