Commitment to Society and Biodiversity.


The Sumitomo Chemical Group strives to achieve a balance between profitable business operations, preservation of the environment and positive social activity.

We believe it is our duty as a leader in the chemical industry to ensure Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) remains a priority.

Improving the quality of life

Our efforts include reducing the environmental impact of our business operations, elevating education and the quality of life globally.

Through our endeavors in these areas, we hope to play a significant role in helping to build a sustainable society and environment.

Supporting the War Against Malaria with OlysetTM Net

Millions of people living in tropical regions across the world are at risk of contracting malaria.

With OlysetTM Net – a mosquito net developed by the Sumitomo Chemical Group, the people most at risk can be empowered and protected.

Impact of OlysetTM Net

  • Approximately 800 million people protected worldwide
  • 30 million units OlysetTM Nets produced in East Africa in 2010
  • As of 2010, production of OlysetTM Nets in East Africa created 8,000 jobs
  • 40,000 pieces of OlysetTM Net distributed all over Myanmar