MIRAKN® Bin Chute and Manhole Treatment

The problem with bin chute

Cockroach infestation

Bin chute is a hidden section of commercial & residential buildings, but is also the most filthy if not handled properly, where cockroaches thrive.

Fix the hidden problem before it comes into the open with MIRAKN® technology

CO2 technology invented in Japan, MIRAKN® is a dry spray treatment with a mix of carbon dioxide (CO2) and active ingredient, specially designed to control crawling and flying insects in a wide variety of areas, including commercial and residential buildings, warehouse, transportation and tobacco storage facilities.

Why Use MIRAKN® for bin chute?

MIRAKN® cylinder can disperse ultrafine particles with excellent diffusion. It is able to penetrate every inch of cracks and gaps within the interior wall of the bin chute, making it a useful solutions upon contact to kill and flush out cockroaches in hidden areas.

Unique formation designed for far reach

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Unlike conventional spraying technologies, MIRAKN® is effective in controlling cockroaches with (CO2) penetrating cracks and gaps at the interior wall of a bin chute or manhole, which kill cockroaches upon contact, as well as to force them onto treated surfaces with residual insecticides or sticky traps.

Super dry treatment

Super dry treatment, leaving no wet residues.


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MIRAKN® is non-flammable and is safer to use.

How MIRAKN® works


MIRAKN® CO2 technology is able to penetrate cracks and gaps within the interior wall of bin chute from top to bottom, which kill cockroaches upon contact and quickly flush out cockroachs in hidden areas.

MIRAKN® is available to Certified MIRAKN® Specialists to control cockroaches in the bin chute. Locate a Certified MIRAKN® Specialists below.

Please read and follow product label direction and precautions before use.

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