About Sumitomo Chemical Asia

Delivering best-in-class Products and Services.


Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited (SCC), our parent company, was established in 1913 and continues to be one of Japan’s leading chemical companies.

Decades later, Sumitomo Chemical commenced operations in the South East Asia region, beginning from the establishment of the Sumitomo Chemical Asia (SCA) in 1990.


SCA is the regional headquarters of the SCC Group for Asia Pacific, offering our customers a diverse range of high-quality products to solve problems faced by the global community and continue being a company that society can trust.

Environmental Health Mission & Values

Environmental Health Group

The environmental health division of Sumitomo Chemical has been leading the "pyrethroid" insecticides sector.

As the pioneer in the market, we constantly strive to create effective products that are safer and environmentally friendly to ensure the wellbeing of society.


We make life healthier and happier by creating innovative and responsible pest control solutions to protect and improve people’s lives and environments.



We pride ourselves by working with honesty and respect for others. Our business practices are always ethical toward people and the environment.


We constantly strive to be the best at what we do and passionately respond to the needs of our markets, customers, and stakeholders.


We develop and nurture creative ideas for our business opportunities and promote a culture of continuous improvement and highest quality.


We value the contributions and diversity of all employees and work together to accomplish our business objectives and contribute to society.


We act responsibly and maintain compliance with all internal and external standards and regulations. We never compromise the safety of people, products, services and operations.