Xterm®: The Best Defence Against Termites

What Are Termites?

Termites are soft-bodied insects commonly known as white ants. These social insects are small in size (4-11 mm) and have three distinct body parts namely, the head, thorax and abdomen.


Termites are silent destroyers as their presence is hard to detect until it’s too late. Because of this they are reputed to be the most destructive pests in the world.

The Termite Kingdom

Termite colonies have a number of different looking individuals known as castes. Each caste has its own duties within a colony. The largest member in a termite colony is the termite queen. Incidentally, it is also the longest living insect in the world.


Royal Class

The royals play an important part in establishing new colonies. These are 3 types of royals in termite kingdom: the "Primary", "Secondary" and the "Tertiary" royals.

Primary royals are the swarmers (alates) who have successfully survived the dangers of the dispersal or "nuptial" flight and settled down to lay and nurse the first blood.


Worker Class

Worker termites are the most abundant caste in a termite kingdom, they forage for food, food storage, brood caring, nest maintenance, excavating, repairing and building galleries and shelter tubes. Workers are the only class with the ability to digest wood.


Soldier Class

Soldier termites' primary function is colony defense, Many have enlarged jaws and depend on the workers to provide them with regurgiated food. The head of a soldier is enormously enlongated.

Damage Termites Can Cause

When the tiny termites work together as a team, doing their dirty work behind the scene, they don't just cause cosmetic damage, usually there's danger to structural damage if it is discovered too late. This can be very costly and time-consuming to repair.

Xterm® Termite Baiting System is the recommended solution to your termites problem

Why? Because conventional termiticide treatments often involve the drilling and pumping of large volumes of chemical into the soil with a variety of associated side effects including disturbance and even property damage. In comparison, Baits are ideal for all situations, even those sensitive to insecticide use.


Provides a peace of mind with faster termite colony elimination

Xterm® is the fastest termite colony eradication baiting system on the market, with an average expected eradication time of 4 to 6 weeks.


It is environmentally friendly

A product of Sumitomo Chemical, uniquely designed to be safer for your home, children and pet. Have a peace of mind and protect your home with confidence.


No drilling is required

In most situations, the Above Ground bait stations can be mounted using adhesive tape and the In Ground bait stations are inserted into pre-dug cavities surrounding a landed property.

Xterm® Termite Baiting System

Above Ground Baiting System Application

For subterranean termites in houses and buildings, Xterm® AG (Above Ground Baiting System) can be used to lure the termites into the bait, after which they will travel back to their nest to share the bait with their nest mates, resulting in the elimination of the colony.

In Ground Baiting System Application

Subterranean termites active in the soil around landed property can be intercepted by Xterm® IG (In Ground) Baiting system and feed, then travel back to their nest and share the bait with their nestmates, after which the colony will be exterminated.

Please read and follow product label directions and precautions before use.

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