SumiProTM EW

SumiProTM insecticide specifically designed to be diluted with water which removes the need for using environmentally unfriendly oil diluted sprays.

With rapid flush-out and improved kill, SumiProTM is one of the most effective sprays on the market and has been formulated using Advanced Evaporation Retardation (AER) technology. SumiProTM can reach distances of up to 100 metres with minimal water droplet shrinkage via water evaporation – providing better efficacy per application to ensure superior knock-down and kill.

SumiProTM is an oil-in-water emulsifiable formulation that combines two active ingredients, the highly active and volatile knockdown insecticide SumiOne®, which can activate hidden insects and increase pick up, and Gokilaht® S which kills them. SumiProTM also contains the synergist piperonyl butoxide which has a dual action to increase insecticide potency and to block the enzyme-based metabolic resistance mechanisms present in many insect species today.

SumiProTM is suitable for application by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying, giving fast control in both routine and in emergency vector control/ epidemic situations. It is especially useful against Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, the vectors of Dengue fever.

Key Features

  • Rapid knockdown activity
  • Water-based
  • Water dilutable
  • Low odor
  • Unique formulation : contains SumiOne® for rapid flush out and knockdown
  • Contains Gokilaht S - a very active killing agent.
  • Incorporates piperonyl butoxide which synergises and enhances performance against insects with metabolic resistance
  • For use against a wide range of flying insect pests
  • Dilutable in water for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Advanced Evaporation Retardant (AER) technology provides the performance of an oil diluted product without the unfavorable environmental impact and cost

Target Pests