Rice Weevil

The Rice Weevil damages grains of rice through its lifecycle and will breed in stored grain products. Infestations aren’t cause for health concerns and simply result in the damage of the grains of rice.


  • Brownish-black
  • 2 mm long with a long snout
  • Four orange-red spots on wings that form a cross


  • Prefers to inhabit tropical or subtropical regions
  • The pest is able to create outdoor infestations in fields before grains are harvested

Life Cycle

  • A female Rice Weevil will lay 2–6 eggs per day and up to 300 in a lifetime
  • Females will use mandibles to chew into a grain of rice before laying an egg inside
  • The larva develops within, feeds and emerges from the grain 2–4 days after pupal stage

Signs of Infestation

  • Presence of grains with round exit holes chewed into the kernels
  • Infested grains often show increased temperature and noticeably heated at the surface
  • Rised moisture levels, grain may feel damp to the touch

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