Fire Ant

Due to their small size and translucent bodies Ghost Ants are hard to see. Extremely hardy, they thrive in humid conditions but are also highly adaptable. These pests form their colonies in cracks and crevices in buildings and will seek our sweet and greasy substances. Furthermore, a colony can have multiple nesting locations within the same area, making an infestation that’s left to spread difficult to eliminate.


  • Pale/Translucent legs and abdomen.
  • 1.5mm long


  • Usually enter buildings on trails that make they along the ground
  • Can enter houses by trailing on utility lines
  • Highly adaptable nesters, capable of living ourdoots and indoors

Life Cycle

  • Continuous breeding colony

Signs of Infestation

  • Look out for ant nest, which usually appear like a small pile of soil or dirty
  • Regularly spotting individual ants in unconventional places, such as your bedroom or the bathroom

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