Khapra Beetle

Known as one of the most destructive species of stored product pests, the Khapra Beetle is difficult to control due to its ability to survive for long periods without food. Besides damaging valuable products, this pest can cause health issues with an infestation as handling contaminated products can lead to skin irritation or gastrointestinal distress.


  • Dark brown-black
  • 1.63 mm
  • Larvae are covered in reddish-brown hair


  • Occurs almost exclusively in closed environments in agricultural and urban areas
  • Found in hot and dry conditions

Life Cycle

  • Eggs are initially milky-white but turn yellowish after some time
  • Eggs are rounded and more pointed on one end, which has a number of spines
  • Diet affects the life cycle of the beetle

Signs of Infestation

  • Masses of hairy cast larval skins around or inside product packages