Your All Round Defence Against Termites

Xterm® Termite Baiting System is the trusted non-invasive and environmentally friendly defence against termite infestations.

With our termite bait solutions designed and formulated to be fast and productive, termites are baited and their colonies eliminated without drilling into a building’s structure, while Wazary 10FL, our repellent termiticide is effective and odourless, and approved by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) in water catchment areas.


Why Xterm®


Fast process

Xterm® is the fastest termite colony eradication baiting system on the market, with an average expected eradication time of 4 to 6 weeks.


Environmentally friendly

A product of Sumitomo Chemical, uniquely designed to be safer for your home, children and pet. Have a peace of mind and protect your home with confidence.


Proven efficiency

Xterm® is one of the very few proven means of eliminating the termite colony, which is usually situated deep in the ground away from the building which it is attacking.


Drill-free installation

In most situations, the Above Ground bait stations can be mounted using adhesive tape and the In Ground bait stations are inserted into pre-dug cavities surrounding a landed property.

How does Xterm® work?

The Xterm® Termite Baiting System includes both Above Ground and In Ground components that utilise cartridges containing a bait matrix specially designed to maximise termite acceptance.

Xterm® bait cartridges contain the latest insect growth regulator which provides fast eradication of subterranean termite infestations. It is easy to handle and install, works without having to drill and is environmentally friendly.

The bait attracts termites to the bait stations to feed even when there is a plentiful supply of alternative foodstuff in the area. The slow acting insect growth regulator within Xterm® is then taken back to the nest and spread throughout the colony before taking effect. This allows the effect to reach even the Queen and the King. In other words, Xterm® targets to the heart of the colony.

Xterm® offers a professional looking and cleaner, non-messy formulation that is easy to install, service and monitor.

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